June 8, 2010

Required Summer Listening

As 2010 continues to bare its fruits of musical goodness, it's easy to miss a great album release here and there. Luckily, the days of summer are upon us and offer up more free time to catch up on these types of things. AwkwardSound has made things easier on you by compiling a list of recommended albums that will surely fit into your day regardless of where your summer takes you.

The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth

Far from a sophomore slump, The Depreciation Guild perfects their dream pop sound introduced to the world on their 2007 debut, In Her Gentle Jaws, and makes for the best way to spend your time while lying in the sand. On Spirit Youth, the static edges of their 8-bit Famicon riffs sound less like video game soundbites as they lightly weave together with Kurt Feldman's soft vocals and the Brooklyn trio's breezy brand of shoegaze.

Gun Outfit - Possession Sound

Possession Sound surpasses expectations following Gun Outfit's much-too-short debut, as the Washington state indie rockers deliver another raw, gritty collection of darkly melodic tracks filled with unexpected chord progressions and weird riffs. When the skies crack open, the thunder rolls in and rain pours down to cool the hot air, Gun Outfit's Possession Sound will be your soundtrack.

Mi Ami - Steal Your Face

The sophomore effort from California's Mi Ami is the closest thing to a fiesta you're bound to get from the noise scene. The standout track, "Latin Lover," is straight up one of the most danceable noise tracks to come our way in recent memory, fueled by energetic tribal drum and bass beats masked in a calamity of guitars. Mi Ami really has upped the ante on Steal Your Face by merely finding a happy medium between chaos and cohesion.

Past Lives - Tapestry of Webs

Do you remember when you were younger and come summer break, you'd grow 3.5" taller? That's what Past Lives are like. Born from the ashes of experimental hardcore outfit The Blood Brothers, Past Lives' debut Tapestry of Webs is the definition of promising. Unlike their ex-bandmates in Jaguar Love (who seem to have lost their way as an uninspired dance punk duo,) Past Lives has maturely distanced themselves away from their former work with an edgy, noise rock album that practices a refreshing restraint.

Serena-Maneesh - No. 2: Abyss in B-Minor

Just like the hot, humid days of summer, the long awaited follow up to Serena-Maneesh's debut is scorched in a cloud of hazy bliss. Unlike their self-titled effort, Abyss in B-Minor steers away from grounded psych rock and opts to get lost in oblivion with swirling keys and a magnetic dose of distortion propelled by lead singer Emil Nikolaisen's vocals. At it's softer points, Emil's sister, Elvira, simmers the atmosphere down with a voice so celestial, it's truly like making a journey to the sun.

Trash Talk - Eyes & Nines

Epic hardcore albums are meant to be heard when temperatures rise, and Trash Talk brings you one in a heavy hitting, fast-paced 18 minutes. By the time it ends, you're left feeling like you've just smacked your head face-first onto hot pavement. For years, Trash Talk has been making a name for themselves among the DIY circuit through pure sweat and adrenaline dispersed throughout their live shows. Eyes & Nines should make everyone more familiar with Trash Talk's name by summer's end as they've captured that driving force in their most direct release yet.

Zs - New Slaves

As your mind zones out while you sit in the shade of a tall tree, Zs' New Slaves will be your portal to a wonderfully complex and mind boggling getaway. This experimental Brooklyn trio is rather unapologetic when creating music as they cannot be defined by one sound or another. New Slaves shifts continuously through elements of electronic noisemaking, tribal percussion and jazz along the way. It's best not to over-think this one, and merely interpret the journey as you wish.

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