June 14, 2010

Song Review: Drake's "Find Your Love"

Rhyming abilities aside, one thing Drake has going for him that many of his peers in the hip-hop community do not is a natural, crooning vocal range. It's not to say that you won't hear some of those vocals slightly adjusted through the wonders of autotune, but if the man they call Drizzy were left up to his own devices, he'd still be able to push out a some smooth, sexy verse just as well. On "Find Your Love," he more or less does just that. AwkwardSound recently pointed out that Drake's debut album is a bit underwhelming when assessed from top to bottom, but this recent single is one track deserving of the attention Degrassi's most successful alum has amassed. Co-written and produced by Kanye West, "Find Your Love" is built around Drake's effortless crooning amid a simple synth percussion you'd expect from the mastermind of 808s and Heartbreaks. A second drum rhythm pumps adrenaline into the track, and the added touch of some glimmering synths and a piano riff flesh the song out, giving "Find Your Love" a much more warmer feel than the song's lyrics would suggest. The song in itself is likely an ode to Drake's failed relationship with pop starlet, Rihanna, whom he recently admitted left him pretty damaged. "I'm more than just an option / Refuse to be forgotten / I took a chance with my heart / and I feel it takin' over" is the opening line on the track. Lyrics like this are an emotional display of weakness rarely seen from a hip-hop artist, which makes it easier to understand how Drake stands out in the crowd. The refrain of "I better find your lovin' / I better find your heart" leaves you feeling kind of sorry for Drizzy, as it's clear that even hip-hop's new golden boy can be completely emo and oblivious to where this relationship is heading. Clearly, she's just not that into you, Drake. Lucky for us, Drizzy's humbling 808s and heartbreak is a memorable summer club jam.

Drake - "Find Your Love"

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