June 26, 2010

Song Review: Ducktails' "Apple Walk"

When he's not busy pulling guitar duties with New Jersey lo-fi indie pop act, Real Estate, Matthew Mondanile is more often than not working overdrive with his solo project, Ducktails. Last year saw Mondanile release two LPs, the psychedelic-leaning self-titled debut and the chillwave-esque sophomore effort, Landscapes. Ducktails' latest 7" single, "Mirror Image" continues along the same lines of submerging summertime into lo-fi pop sounds, and the A-Side track, "Apple Walk," is another consistent display of Mondanile's relaxed, hazy music making. As are the case with most Ducktails songs, "Apple Walk" is completely instrumental. The track opens with a sparkly guitar loop that glistens with minimalist tropical guitar picks while light percussion in the distance adds an ebb and flow rhythm. At the 1:35 mark, the guitar pedals push in and begin to melt with distortion, scorching into the background as if the track were held up into the hot sunlight. By the time "Apple Walk" comes to a close, the fuzzy layering of guitars surrounds you from all angles, engulfing your ear drums in its warmth. What's always fascinating about Mondanile's Ducktails project is how this East Coast musician can create an earnest soundtrack for sunshine better than most musicians who actually reside in warm climates year-round can. "Apple Walk" is more than just a gleaming lo-fi psychedelic pop song. It's an aural adventure that conjures up images of cutting across a grassy path on a balmy, summer day. The bright sunlight peaks its way through the leaves of the apple trees, catching your eye. In that split second you become aware of your surroundings, Mondanile is there to capture the feeling.

Ducktails - Apple Walk

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