June 14, 2010

Song Review: Japandroids' "Younger Us"

On their 2009 debut album, Post-Nothing, Japandroids blew up onto the scene with raucous, fuzzy melodies inspired by 90s indie rock and their brand of heartfelt nostalgic lyrics. The Vancouver duo is in the midst of releasing a series of 7" singles written during the Post-Nothing recording sessions, and it's baffling that their latest track, "Younger Us," never made it onto their actual debut. "Younger Us" takes off right where "Young Hearts Spark Fire" left off (Perhaps similarities in themes had something to do with "Younger Us" not making Post-Nothing's cut) as a brash anthem with emotive undertones. This time around, the guitars are slightly more crisp and the vocals resonate more clearly production-wise, which is a welcome change to their otherwise lo-fi garage rock sound. Lyrically, however, Japandroids are still sticking to their guns on not putting their best days behind them. "Younger Us" is the homage to those summer nights where you don't walk through the front door to your house until 4am ("Remember saying things like, 'We'll sleep while we're dead?' / And thinking this feeling was never going to end?") doing literally nothing / everything that meant something with your best friends ("Gimme my boys and us screaming through the streets.") When Brian King shouts, "Give me younger us!," there's the certainty of sincerity that despite knowing we can't recreate life's best memories, we are always at a potential to do so. As schools get out to celebrate long summer days with unexpected late night adventures on the streets of suburbia, Japandroids have found a way to bottle up the season's emotions in one song and share it with those of us who've since entered the world of adult responsibility. While turning 25 arrives with an obligatory quarter life crisis these days, Japandroids' "Younger Us" reminds us that our inner-youth never dies as long as we remember how we were all once "immortal," naive teenagers living in a world that disregarded time.

Japandroids: "Younger Us"

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