August 28, 2010

Song Review: Bruce Springsteen's "Save My Love"

This November, Bruce Springsteen will be releasing The Promise, a lofty two-disc collection of songs recorded (and now remastered) during The Boss' 1978 masterpiece, Darkness On the Edge of Town. Springsteen has gone on record to say the quality of the songs recorded during this session are "substantial" and the era of the writing process in which they were conceived acts as a bridge between Darkness and its eponymous predecessor, Born to Run. "Save My Love" is the first taste being offered from this highly anticipated treasure chest, and definitely holds weight in those words. Where Born to Run concentrated on perfecting complex musical arrangements with a rock 'n roll kick, Darkness On the Edge of Town had it's core in being just rock, all the time. That said, it makes it easier to hear why "Save My Love" got left behind many decades ago. The E Street Band's rolling presence of keys, saxes and xylophones flourish from start to finish, but the track's light, robust tempo doesn't quite have the same heart-wrenching feel as other Darkness-era tracks. The E Street Band's efforts shine just as bright as Springsteen does here on "Save My Love," which is perhaps why The Boss opted not to use it as a formal release. Darkness On the Edge of Town solidified The Boss' ability for being able to rock out and carry a song with his gruff and tough lyrics, and green-lighting "Save My Love" may have resulted in "more of the same" from America's new on-the-cusp-of-brilliance songwriter. It's definitely not a throwaway track, but it was probably best The Boss saved this song for his fans' love in the future, as they will no doubt appreciate The Promise's contents more so now than ever.

Bruce Springsteen - "Save My Love"

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