August 30, 2010

Song Review: Matt & Kim's "Cameras"

It's kind of amazing that between being one of the most disgustingly cute indie pop duos on the face of the planet, blowing up all over your MTV, running around Times Square in the buff and having a road warrior touring schedule, NYC's Matt & Kim somehow found time to write an album despite all the hooplah since their 2009 sophomore effort, Grand. November 6th will mark the release of your least favorite hipster friend's favorite party band's third album, Sidewalks. The first single from the feel-good songmakers is called "Cameras," which is a bit tongue-in-cheek for a title considering it's an anticipated step toward these Brooklynites gearing up to embrace the spotlight. Where Grand's standout, "Daylight," brought the house down with it's hearthumping drum beat, "Cameras" finds Matt & Kim keeping the danceworthy vibe alive in a more funkier fashion. Kim's room shaking drumming is still there, but the addition of a marching band tuba loop amid layers of synths glorifies the positive energy flowing through the song. Matt Johnson's chorus of "No time for cameras -- We'll use our eyes instead..." asserts the duo isn't about to let their recent success jade their vision in continuing to be indie pop's funnest live act with ample assertive indie pop jams in tow. If "Cameras" sounds a bit glossier to you than Matt & Kim's past work, look no further than the man who helped turn Animal Collective's sound into something more aurally pleasing, Ben Allen. Allen's production may be a bit sheen, but it works well for artists like Matt & Kim who have the right style of indie pop that translates well into something a bit more commercial and radio-friendly. While long time Matt & Kim loyalists may be disappointed the days of seeing their favorite duo in a small, sweaty basement somewhere in Williamsburg are over, "Cameras" is a very expected step towards Matt & Kim obtaining a hard-earned payoff for years of non-stop touring, word of mouth buzz and putting their hearts into each and every one of their live shows.


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