August 11, 2010

Song Review: No Age's "Glitter"

Of all the bands to emerge from the lo-fi noise scene, LA duo No Age seem the most likely to break the genre's mold and challenge themselves to become far more interesting than many of their counterparts. 2007's Weirdo Rippers collected various singles and unreleased tracks that gave a glimpse into what No Age was capable of creating, ranging from fuzzy pop-punk to noise and ambiance. On their proper debut, Nouns, they stuck mostly with the fuzzy noise-punk riff and snarky vocal formula to create one of the best albums of 2008. Yet, on last year's Losing Feeling EP, No Age made a huge stride in just four songs by shifting toward swirling shoegaze and complex layers of noise, making for due intrigue for The Smell scene dynamic duo's next LP. It seems that anticipation is well warranted as the first single, "Glitter," off Everything In Between confirms No Age could be the heir-apparent to the noise rock throne. "Glitter" is a mid-tempo track that begins with an upbeat drum loop soon swallowed within guitarist Randy Randall's signature swooning feedback. Unlike prior No Age tracks, Dean Spunt's vocals are clear as a bell and free of lo-fi production which offers a welcome mature feel to the song, unlike the snotty pop tracks heard throughout Nouns. Spunt sounds rather bent out of shape but not necessarily troubled by the feeling, and it fits the song's repetitively casual yet paranoid lyrics about a doomed romance lingering in his life perfectly. At the 2:30 mark, Randall pushes the delay pedals into blast off mode, rocketing the track into a climactic haze of distortion and noise. In the end, "Glitter" is definitely the next evolution of No Age, while No Age definitely is showing all the signs of potentially recording not only the best noise album of the year, but THE album of the year.

No Age - "Glitter"

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