September 26, 2010

Song Review: Tamaryn's "Love Fade"

San Francisco-by-way-of-NYC nu-gaze duo Tamaryn could not have planned a better arrival onto the music scene. In a year where it's been good to go goth again, lead singer Tamaryn (whom the band obviously bears its namesake after) possesses a darkly angelic voice that finds good company with rising goth pop songstress, Zola Jesus and kindred spirits such as Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval's and Siouxsie Sioux. Their recently released debut album, The Waves, is a collection of ethereal songs whose style narrates a perfect transition between the dying days of summer and the first days of autumn. On "Love Fade", romance is burning away as Tamayrn's sultry, glassy vocals feed off the flames of a lover coming to terms. It's the auditory equivalent of watching a heartbroken girl taking a match to a collection of old photographs featuring her ex, as a teardrop falls across her cheek while the fire turns each picture into ash. The hazy song structure to which her warm voice is built around equally invokes Glider-era My Bloody Valentine and glimmers of Mazzy Star-esque slowcore thanks to mid-tempo strumming amid flare ups of shoegazey feedback. As summer loses its grip in the annual battle between seasons, Tamaryn's "Love Fade" makes us aware that as sunlight dies and the warmth begins to cool like a weakened ember, love can also do the same.

Tamaryn - "Love Fade"

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