October 23, 2010

Song Reviews: "In My Time" and "It All Relates"

Kurt Vile's "In My Time"

Philly lo-fi folkster Kurt Vile has a new album on the way early next year, and judging by the album's first single, "In My Time," it wouldn't be far-fetched to believe that his fourth full-length may be his most progressive and cohesive collection yet. Gone are the tuned-down lo-fi production qualities that submerged Vile's previous efforts, as Vile delivers a more lucid Dylan-esque vocal style amid layers of shimmering acoustic guitar strums and a spring of light psychedelic breakdowns in between the serenity. "In My Time" is a simple melodic folk-pop tune, but Kurt Vile's delivery and impeccable songwriting is something that makes him stand out as one of the best budding talents in the game.

Kurt Vile - "In My Time"

SHARKS' "It All Relates"

The Gaslight Anthem may be America's current indie punk darlings, but a group of SHARKS swimming across the pond have edged out the Jersey quartet's recent release, American Slang with their outstanding Show of Hands EP. In the standout cut, "It All Relates," you hear the perfect marriage of varying styles coming together to make up what the UK's freshest new punk band is all about. Lead singer James Mattock possesses the vocal gruff of The Clash's Joe Strummer, howling choruses contain E Street anthem sensibilities à la The Hold Steady and overall, a sense of intellectual punk restraint akin to Hüsker Dü lingering.

SHARKS - "It All Relates"

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