January 15, 2011

Song Review: The Forms' "Fire to the Ground" (feat. Matt Berninger)

The Forms are among one of the most criminally underrated bands that can't seem to break through the glass ceiling of success. Their acclaimed 2003 debut, Icarus, and their 2007 self-titled sophomore effort are both highly enjoyable listens that feed off influence from the '90s DC and NYC indie and post-hardcore scenes. However, the Brooklyn duo pride themselves as perfectionists and in turn, they warp these styles into glassy, tightly-wound tracks that rarely cross the three minute mark. For their next release, the Derealization EP, The Forms' biggest influence will be themselves as they will be reimagining many of the tracks found on both albums alongside some friends in high places. Among them is the hotly anticipated "Fire to the Ground" featuring The National's Matt Berninger. It's a rework of "Redgun," a mid-tempo math rocker from The Forms, now stripped away of the electricity and paced by Berninger's baritone vocals and softer instrumentation. Also contributing in the background of the song are St. Vincent violinist, Daniel Hart, and Dirty Projectors' bassist, Nat Baldwin. These elements combined make for a considerably more symphonic and airy listen, which succeeds at the tasks of transforming a Forms song that was arguably well-crafted to begin with. While "Fire to the Ground" may sound more in tune with the guest stars helping recreate "Redgun," it's done in a way where this just may be the formula to success that The Forms need to get their music out into the ears of a wider audience.

The Forms (feat. Matt Berninger) - "Fire To The Ground"

Here's the original version in case you haven't heard it, yet:

The Forms - "Redgun"

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