January 20, 2011

Song Review: Parts & Labor's "Constant Future"

The endlessly innovative noise rock outfit Parts & Labor return this March with their fifth LP, and it appears the first glimpse into their Constant Future shows why the experimental rockers are regarded as one of the most progressive acts birthed from the Brooklyn scene. When we last left off with Parts & Labor, they had lost a drummer but evolved into a four-piece with two new members. It resulted in the band's most fleshed out, anthemic album to date, 2008's Receivers. On Constant Future, they're back to working as a trio but certainly sound as if they're managing just as well. "Constant Future" makes a bold statement as lead singer Dan Friel rips into the world's ongoing thirst for new blood and the next big thing. It's a curious remark, considering all the hopeful sentiments for change and betterment we heard him sing on Receivers sounds as if they've shifted into a state of jaded disconcert. None the less, the key element to Parts & Labor's sound has always been Friel, who acts as the band's electrician and lead guitarist as well. The signature grainy synths and rash of guitars he has brought to Parts & Labor's sound for the past decade is one that rarely has been imitated (aside from perhaps in their female counterpart Marnie Stern's music) and it never ceases to sound refreshing. Here, it initially burns subtly but rapidly accelerates and warps around an urgent call to arms drum beat. While short, sweet and just a taste of what's to come, "Constant Future" indicates that Parts & Labor have a lot in common with the song's subjects as they, too, have a thirst for newness.

Parts & Labor - "Constant Future"

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