January 8, 2011

Song Review: Yuck's "Holing Out"

In AwkwardSound's review of the self-titled debut by noise pop collective, Yuck, much emphasis was put on the London-based quintet's ability to create melodic noise with soft restraint. It was also mentioned that the album includes a healthy dose of fuzzed out rockers that showcase the band's ability to pull from some of the genre's best influences in order to get rough and raucous. "Holing Out" is the latest single off Yuck that defines their particular formula for success by combining '90s nostalgia with their youthful exuberance. The basis of the song is a spiraling guitar riff that would even make J. Mascis envious. Vocally however, lead man Danny Blumberg takes a page out of the Thurston Moore song book with repetitive lyrics offered up in monotone range while his sis, Ilana, softly coos into the mic during the chorus to conjure up the shoegazing ghost of My Bloody Valentine. Despite the very apparent assemblance of mix-and-match influences, Yuck has satisfyingly proved themselves deserving of the acclaim with solid singles and an album whose deep cuts are just as worthy of your ears' attention.

Yuck - "Holing Out"

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