January 1, 2011

Song Review: The Get Up Kids' "Automatic"

No matter what the band says or does, many Get Up Kids fans still have not accepted that there will never be another Something to Write Home About or Four Minute Mile. By assuming the seminal emo-punk outfit will return to the sound that soundtracked your Valentine's Day mix tape back in high school is voluntarily setting yourself up for disappointment. The subsequent On a Wire was the band's darkest affair yet, praising classic rock more so than it did Pinkerton-era Weezer while The Guilt Show meddles somewhere between modern indie rock and alt-country. Even after some time apart, culminating in a reunion and the recording of their first new LP in 7 years, there's probably some 30-year-old out there who still is holding out for another "Mass Pike." To that 30-year-old, here is your final warning: "Automatic." It's been reported that These Are the Rules will include "some of the most futuristic" and "weirdest" music of The Get Up Kids' career, and "Automatic" is proof to that. If you listened to The Get Up Kids 2010 Simple Science EP, the transition won't catch you off guard as the latter half of the EP used similar sprawling, spacey synths that could only be capable of being made by a certain James Dewees. At it's heart, though, this is as much a Get Up Kids track as its ever been based on past experience with the Kansas City quintet. Leading vocals this time around is Jim Suptic, who sounds reinvigorated and less serious since his last efforts on a GUK album. Meanwhile, Rob Pope's bouncy bass lines and Matt Pryor's fizzled out guitar make "Automatic" sound like that robot on the cover of Something to Write Home About operating in overdrive. The message it sends is that The Get Up Kids are a far cry away from returning to their Earthly roots.

The Get Up Kids - "Automatic"

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