January 30, 2011

Song Review: The Vaccines' "Post Break-Up Sex"

The British music press is a notorious false prophet of hype. How it manages to get away with continuously making amateur artists into stadium superstars overnight, who knows (Then again, the American mainstream music media has blood on its hands as well by subscribing to that ear bleeding Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons and Florence and the Machine dribble.) It's not so much that whichever band deemed "the next big thing" is completely undeserving of any attention, but more often than not, the U.K. creates an expectation for them that is so high, the band just can't fulfill it. In 2011, the music world will be forced to get accustomed to hearing about London's The Vaccines. Formed just last year, the quartet has already been plastered on the cover of NME and even scored a high-profile gig opening for Arcade Fire across the pond later on this year. That's an interesting detail to note, because the issue with The Vaccines is as much of the Arcade Fire's fault as it is jolly ol' England's. Being bluntly honest with all due respect to the way they brought their music into the mainstream, Arcade Fire should be held solely responsible for dumbing down indie rock over the past decade with anthemic choruses and jangly melodies that appeal to even the most casual and aloof music fan. The Vaccines take full advantage of this new paint-by-numbers formula on their latest single, the crudely titled "Post Break-Up Sex." Lead singer Justin Young's vocals lie somewhere in between Win Butler and Paul Banks territory, gloomily mumbling along and spouting out insipid, sexified lyrics regarding the downsides of what the song's title alludes to. The chord progressions and bridge are rather mundane and familiar (Are we sure this isn't an unused b-side from Interpol's Antics sessions?), and at the very most, "Post Break-Up Sex" is just a half-decent song from a very derivative, image conscious band (AwkwardSound posted the music video instead of streaming the track to give you the full effect.) Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons and Editors, please welcome the newest member to the British Hype Band Club...

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  1. I can tell alot went into the chorus writing, there.