February 26, 2011

Cult of Youth

AwkwardSound has talked to death about goth's new wave over the past year, but none sticks out so distinguishably unique as much as Brooklyn's Cult of Youth. Getting their start as the one-time solo project of ex-Love as Laughter bassist, Sean Ragon, Cult of Youth has now grown into a four-piece consisting of bassist, Micki Pellerano (who just directed the latest K-Holes video,) drummer, Glenn Maryanski and violinist, Christiana Key (who did string arrangements on the Zola Jesus track, “Poor Animal.”) Unlike their counterparts, Zola Jesus, Abe Vigoda and Cold Cave, Cult of Youth veer far away from cold wave / synth pop trends and are mapping out a new direction for their own respective goth revival. Their music is broodingly steeped within post-industrial rock and strummy post-punk influence while Ragon's vocals and Cult of Youth's neo-folk sound suggest the band worships at the altar of Celtic paganism. Upon initial listen, it's easy to hear why many quickly assume the band is an import and drawn up comparisons to Nick Cave or The Pogues. Where goth more often than not equates to gloom, Cult of Youth injects a much needed rock energy into the genre. Having just released a great proper self-titled debut album on Sacred Bones Records, Cult of Youth will be heading out on the road this spring opening for labelmate, Zola Jesus and -- like all other young bands looking to capitalize on their buzz -- making an appearance at this year's South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

Cult of Youth - "New West"

Cult of Youth - "Lace Up Your Boots"

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