February 19, 2011


Synth-pop, the genre with an everlasting shelf-life, has bands like DOM to thank for keeping it interesting within its mundane sea of sound-a-likes. Sprung from the "mean" streets of Hadley and putting Worcester, MA's warehouse art scene on the map, this four-piece takes its name from their charismatic and delinquent frontman simply known as "Dom." As the story allegedly goes, Dom was given up for adoption by his mother simply because of his ginger locks and from there, he bounced around a few abusive foster homes, fended for himself and grew up on street smarts and survival skills. These derelict influences seep deep within DOM's sound and lyrics, a hybrid of hazy no-fi pop and juvenile snarkiness. Take the band's summertime Casio-tinged singalong, "Living In America," for instance. Beyond the addictive melody and chorus of "It's so sexy, living in America!," there's an intensely sarcastic dig at the American dream from a 20-something-year-old who knows full well what the other side of the dime is like. 2010 saw the band gaining momentum with their debut EP and Dom engaging in a slight war of words with Girls' Christopher Owens (whose own background story has also raised eyebrows,) but 2011 should be DOM's big breakthrough year. They've since signed with major label, Astralwerks / Virgin Records (who just re-released DOM's Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP,) collaborated with Cults, were remixed by Gucci Mane and are about to set off on an extensive spring tour which will see them playing at this year's South by Southwest festival.

DOM - "Living In America"

DOM (feat. Cults) - "Bowl Cut"

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