February 4, 2011

Song Review: Cold Cave's "The Great Pan Is Dead"

When AwkwardSound reported that the sophomore effort from NYC's Cold Cave boasted a guest appearance by Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo, it didn't quite make the most sense. Other than the fact he and Cold Cave leader, Wesley Eisold, shared a mutual upbringing in the early 2000s hardcore scene when Eisold fronted American Nightmare, the two musicians have moved in vastly different directions since. Cold Cave's 2009 debut, Love Comes Close, consisted of brilliant experimental synth pop aligned with the dance-friendly nature of New Order if it were fronted by Swans' Michael Gira, but the first track off Cherish the Light Years hints at a sound much more carnal and in line with Eisold's past. "The Great Pan Is Dead" is both loud and fast, where synths have been pushed to electrifying levels of hiss, drums rapidly battle through and Eisold trades in his morose, low-pitched vocals for an urgent, over-the-top diatribe in a similar fashion as when Abe Vigoda's Michael Vidal transitioned from tropical punker to goth popper on 2010's Crush. It's still a synth pop track, but the sheer amount of energy that conveys itself from start to finish is proof that Eisold hasn't strayed too far off from his AN days after all. That Daryl Palumbo-guesting song is really starting to sound intriguing now...

Cold Cave - "The Great Pan Is Dead"

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