February 28, 2011

Song Review: Joan of Arc's "Love Life"

It's going to be a pseudo Cap'n Jazz reunion of sorts this spring when the band's iconic guitarist, Victor Villareal, rejoins Tim Kinsella on the newest (and 13th!) effort by Joan of Arc. "Love Life" is the first single off Life Like, and it indicates these two influential figures from the '90s mid-western emo scene have found common ground between each band's unique style (a fete within itself considering Joan of Arc recently released a 40-minute instrumental noise rock album.) The track opens up with a signature instrumental math rock progression from Villareal which lasts around 45 seconds until Kinsella rips through the angles, straining his voice with desperately sung lyrics, "It's so hard to know what's right / for the robot program to want to be liked!" And in that instance, it sounds like we're right back in 1995 where Joan of Arc is again wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Villareal's sharp-edged guitar fades into the backdrop while drums aggressively pummel their way through, and we don't meet up with him again until the two-minute mark where the cycle then repeats itself. "Love Like" is bi-polar in a sense that it equally displays two very different era of Kinsella's musical career, but it's not so crazy when you hear how well they compliment each other. It should also be noted Steve Albini produced this album, which leads AwkwardSound to believe that album 13 may just be Joan of Arc's luckiest number of all.

Joan of Arc - "Love Life"

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