February 12, 2011

Song Review: Mi Ami's "Hard Up"

Ditching the guitars and drum kits and trading them in for sequencers and synths seems to be the going trend with noise bands these days, and that's fine just as long as they keeping bringing us track's like the latest from San Francisco act, Mi Ami. The noise punk duo (formerly a trio) comprised of members from long-gone D.C. post-hardcore band, Black Eyes, managed to make an impression on AwkwardSound's Best Songs of 2010 list with their spastic, post-punk track, "Latin Lover." That song steered Mi Ami away from meandering psychedelic tribal beats and into a much more danceable direction, but the thunder still raged on. Now on "Hard Up," the first cut off their upcoming four-track Dolphins EP, Mi Ami forge forward in the bold evolution of their new found electronic dance-noise sound. While "Hard Up" features one very contagious earworm of an Italian pop electronic riff amid new age-y twinkling synths, it's a sound that celebrates Mi Ami's past, present and future. Damon Palermo sounds comfortable using a drum machine as his stand-in to keep the tempo styled in a disco-punk beat and as Daniel Martin-McCormick triggers the keys, he injects his signature squawky vocals to cover "Hard Up" just as he would with any Mi Ami track. It's not so much that Mi Ami have completely given up on noise. They're just using vastly different means to produce it.

Mi Ami - "Hard Up"

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