February 15, 2011

Song Review: PS I Love You's "Leftovers" (feat. Diamond Rings)

Canadian fuzz rockers and 2010 Best Breakthrough Artists alumni, PS I Love You, are already working on their follow-up to last year's solid debut, Meet Me at the Muster Station, and they've even managed to sneak in a new single entitled "Leftovers" to hold listeners over. What's most audibly different about this track is the person behind the mic singing alongside PS I Love You isn't Paul Saulnier. While they're still very much the duo of Saulnier and drummer, Benjamin Nelson, PS I Love You invited friend and current tourmate, John O aka Diamond Rings, to add some crooned up glam rock vocals over Saulnier's crunchy guitars and Nelson's sharp snare drums. We've seen this happen recently in the latest EP by The Forms where a few guest vocal spots ultimately ended up reinventing the sound of the band altogether, and the same result occurs here. John O's vocal stylings are a direct contrast to Saulnier's delivery (which have often been compared to that of angsty, warbly Wolf Parade / Sunset Rubdown frontman Spencer Krug) and thus, it makes for a more calm and collected vibe. As for the way PS I Love You play their music on "Leftovers," it's more of the same throwback '90s indie rock the Ontario duo arrived onto the scene with last year, so perhaps there's some truth in advertising with this song title.

PS I Love You - "Leftovers" (Feat. Diamond Rings)

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