February 23, 2011

Song Review: Rival Schools' "Wring It Out"

Pulling off a modern rock sound that's both commercially appealing yet keeps your artistic dignity in tact is getting more difficult by the day, but Walter Schreifels seems to have gotten the hang of it. Using his influential clout from the days when he played in hardcore and post-hardcore acts, Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand, Schreifels has taken each band's heavy-hitting sound and combined them with melodic power chord progression in Rival Schools. The "supergroup," who recently reunited after a 10 year hiatus, is gearing up the release of their sophomore comeback effort, Pedals with the new single, "Wring It Out," Where as 2001's United by Fate was filled with anthemic post-hardcore aggression, "Wring It Out" indicates Schreifels and company are moving into a new, mature era creatively as a band. Drummer, Sammy Siegler, says "Wring It Out" is about "Basically looking for a clean slate, wringing out any drama or bullshit or anything and basically going for it in whatever way, as a person as a band, etc." That's definitely telling here, as Schreifels' gruff vocals sound more laid back and the wavy tempo resonating through the crunchy, grungey riffs is certainly not as high-impact as their earlier work. As alternative rock radio stations continue to suffer an identity crisis deciding airplay between playing major label dribble and trendy "indie" rock, Rival Schools keep it simple here. A fresh start, nothing fancy, no bullshit and basically going for what they know best: Post-hardcore-laced rock 'n roll perfection.

Rival Schools - "Wring It Out"

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