February 3, 2011

Song Review: Thursday's "Magnets Caught In a Metal Heart"

With each subsequent release, Thursday has managed to push post-hardcore's boundaries into new territory to distinguish themselves from their contemporaries and challenge listeners as well. No DevoluciĆ³n, their sixth full length, is set for release this spring, and according to lead singer, Geoff Rickly, it steers Thursday into a creative direction inspired by dark alternative concepts perfected by the likes of Portishead and The Cure. "Magnets Caught In a Metal Heart" is an early glimpse into how well this style fits Thursday, and thus far, it feels familiar yet new again. The track's mid-tempo captures the softer moments from their breakthrough Full Collapse (Most notably, the glassy synths and razor sharp guitars on "Understanding In a Car Crash" and "Standing On the Edge of Summer,") but does away with the aggression that has always been the distinguishing barrier between Thursday, the hardcore band and Thursday, the "emo" band. Rickly nor backing vocalist Steve Padulla never once go to the mic to let a scream rip. Instead, Rickly softly coos out the lyrics much in the same way he did back on 2003's "War All the Time." These factors will likely cause some of their more physical fans to cry foul on Thursday for going too soft, but forget the tough guy pit enthusiasts and fans living in yesterday. "Magnets Caught In a Metal Heart" is another fine example of how Thursday can be just as edgy even when they're working an eerie, subtle quietness into their sound.

Thursday - "Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart"

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