February 23, 2011

Song Review: TV On the Radio's "Will Do"

Brooklyn-based experimental rockers, TV On the Radio, will make their return this spring with their fourth full-length album, Nine Types of Light. To get the ball rolling on what should be a very interesting release, the band has set forth its first track and an obvious single in "Will Do." On 2008's critically acclaimed Dear Science, TVOTR made a considerable, conscious step toward crafting a bigger sound by using slicker production to compliment their multi-faceted musical style. That trend continues here, but it's also surprising how radio-friendly "Will Do" is in comparison to the rest of the band's back catalog. Regardless of its accessibility, this song sparkles among a vast ocean of multi-instrumentation, David Sitek's twistedly artful guitars and Tunde Adebimpe's soulfully smooth voice that wears this love song well. This brings up an interesting point: Have we even heard such an obviously-stated romance rocker from TV On the Radio before "Will Do" came along? To date, TVOTR have mostly focused their words on politically or socially-charged messages. The topic of love can be quite the pedestrian pitfall but the reality of the situation here is that TV on the Radio could have very well removed the lyrics from this song and made it just as aesthetically gushing.

TV On The Radio - "Will Do"

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