February 16, 2011

Song Review: Wavves' "TV Luv Song"

Bratty noise pop rockers, Wavves, have been covering Black Flag's "TV Party" during recent live shows, so it only makes sense that the San Diego trio have written their own homage to television. In the 1982 hardcore classic with words penned by the prolific Henry Rollins, it wasn't so much of a love fest as Black Flag satirized TV watching rituals by describing a group of losers sitting on the couch, drinking beer and wasting their lives in front of the small screen. In 2011, Nathan Williams is glorifying being that loser with their new single, "TV Luv Song." "I'm wasting away in every way / I'm wasting my time / All of my time / But that's all right with me / I got TV," the smug Wavves frontman coolly asserts over a thunderously distorted drum beat and your usual display of Wavves' fuzzy surf punk guitars. It's a short and sweet gut check that gets the point across quite bluntly (pun intended?) in under two minutes just like Rollins and company did nearly 20 years ago. The only difference here is Nathan Williams clearly doesn't respect his elders' point of view. Other than that, some things never change...

Wavves - "TV Luv Song"

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