February 12, 2011

Warm Ghost

The cool, effervescent sounds of electronic-based cold wave will likely hold firm its grip on the independent music scene in 2011 thanks to budding talents like Warm Ghost. The self-professed "band and multimedia duo" is made up of originator, Paul Duncan, and collaborator, Oliver Chapoy. Together, Duncan and Chapoy create densely atmospheric dark pop songs based on the merits of '80s new wavers, OMD and Solid Space, and the swirling textures of heavily-instrumental electronic artists such as Fennesz, M83 and Autechre. The Brooklyn-based act is steadily gaining momentum as it approaches the release of their newest EP, Uncut Diamond, which features remastered versions of tracks off their 2010 debut, Claws Overhead. They'll also be among the many, many bands tapped to appear at this year's South by Southwest festival where they will not only be performing, but showcasing their NSFW life stage-centric video for "Open the Wormhole In Your Heart" as part of SXSW's official film selections. When Warm Ghost isn't busy keeping busy, they're recording their first formal full-length.

Warm Ghost - "Let My Angst Unfold in the Water Like a Hound's Tongue"

Warm Ghost - "Claws Overhead"

"Open the Wormhole In Your Heart"
Director: Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci

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