March 21, 2011

Hear New Sound: The Weeknd's House of Balloons Mixtape

Last week, The Weeknd made their way onto AwkwardSound's Recommended Listens with "Wicked Games" (One of just a handful of songs under the project's belt at the time.) Today, the mysterious Toronto outfit have given curious listeners of their sultry minimalist R&B-pop style something considerable to get familiar with on their House of Balloons mixtape. Don't let the word "mixtape" mislead you, though. Upon initial listen of these 9 tightly produced tracks, this thing plays more like a formal album and would it be a bit too preemptive to say its one of the best new things AwkwardSound has heard all year? Hear a few songs off the House of Balloons mixtape below (including the Beach House-sampling "Loft Music") and download the entire thing for free here.

The Weeknd - "High For This"

The Weeknd - "The Party & The After Party"

The Weeknd - "Loft Music"

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