March 2, 2011

Maria Minerva

Los Angeles-based music label, Not Not Fun, has been partly responsible for resurrecting interest in cassette tape culture. On top of being at the center of the most unexpected format trend since vinyl, they've helped many up and coming artists (Abe Vigoda, Zola Jesus, Pocahaunted to name a few) broaden their appeal in the music world with a cost-effective, "hip" way of delivering. The latest musician to join their exclusive ranks and get due notice is Maria Juur. Born in Estonia, now residing in London, Juur is the modeleque super lo-fi songstress behind Maria Minerva. Her dynamic sound ranges from celestial Cocteau Twins-like influence, Tokyo art-pop and disco dancehall beats (If you don't believe AwkwardSound, check out her cover of ABBA's "Honey Honey" at the end.) It's at times dark, sexual, blissful, eerie or all of the above, and while her voice is often clouded in a haze of delayed lo-fi modulation, there's no question that Maria Minerva has the potential to take pop music into places far less traveled. The fact that there isn't much known about Juur only adds to this young musician's mysterious style. Right now, you can get acquainted with Maria Minerva by checking out her alluring debut, Tallin At Dawn, which was just released exclusively on cassette through Not Not Fun Records.

Maria Minerva - "Disko Bliss"

Maria Minerva - "Soo High"

"Honey Honey" (ABBA Cover)

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