March 8, 2011

Mr. Dream

In the flood of '90s nostalgia that the indie rock world has been riding out, Brooklyn punkers, Mr. Dream, hit among the heaviest. Likely named after the character who replaced Mike Tyson in Nintendo's Punch Out, Mr. Dream is a peculiarly unique assembly of musicians considering two-thirds of the band are music journalists who've written for Pitchfork, The Village Voice and The New Yorker. It might just serve the world some good if more writer nerds picked up an instrument and started a band, as you can rest assure these guys know the'90s indie hardcore scene like the back of their hand and execute its style to a T. Lead singer and guitarist, Adam Moerder, rants away lyrics with a firey tongue much like Steve Albini did during his Big Black days, while his bandmates, Matt Morello and Nick Sylvester, follow cue with thick basslines and deep-plodding drums that reminisce angsty influence from The Jesus Lizard, Shellac and Surfer Rosa-era Pixies. The bands who make up the next wave of music are too consumed with keeping the "nu-gaze," "cold wave," goth pop, lo-fi, no-fi, whatever-fi trends alive that it makes Mr. Dream's loud arrival onto the scene a refreshing change of pace. Mr. Dream just released their highly recommended debut album, Trash Hit, on God Mode Records and will be making their first live appearances outside the NYC area this spring when they cause dance-loving hipsters heads to spontaneously combust from confusion, as they're set to open for Sleigh Bells and CSS.

Mr. Dream - "Winners"

Mr. Dream - "Unfinished Business"

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