March 16, 2011


As one of the year's earliest talked up new bands here on AwkwardSound, Yuck has already proven themselves to be among the best new faces of 2011. Their debut album will certainly find a comfy spot on my year-end list thanks to its solid foundation of great singles and even better deep cuts. Visually, they're pretty interesting, too. That might be enough to make any young musician content while riding a wave of new found success, but Yuck's frontman, Daniel Blumberg, can't seem to sit still and soak it all in. In fact, it's the perfect time for him to capitalize on the band's buzz and introduce more ears to his solo project, Oupa. What might surprise listeners most about Blumberg and Oupa's style here is how detached it is from the grungy, nu-gaze fuzz you're used to hearing with Yuck. Instead, it's mostly Blumberg, a piano and some minimalist synth pop off in the distance as his voice softly guides its way through hollow, open space. Hearing the differences between the two projects puts each into perspective. Where as Yuck is Blumberg's distortion-filled, upbeat outlet, Oupa could be seen as his way of unplugging and getting away from all that noise. Look for Oupa's debut, Forget, to be released sometime this June, with Blumberg sneaking in some solo dates in between Yuck's time on the road.

Oupa - "Forget"

Oupa - "Daughter"

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