March 9, 2011

Song Review: Battles' "Ice Cream" (feat. Matias Aguayo)

The last time we heard experimental art rockers, Battles, they were sinking their teeth into the Twihard generation's music collection. Since then, a lot has changed for the multi-instrumental supergroup -- Most notably, the departure of vocalist, Tyondai Braxton. Battles assured fans they would be marching on regardless and let's be happy they did. The trio is a few months shy of releasing their sophomore release, Gloss Drop, and the first taste off the highly anticipated album is a very sweet one in the form of "Ice Cream." This track captures Ian Williams, Dave Kanopka and a John Stanier in an entirely different light than when we first met them on their debut, Mirrored. Sure, Stanier's manic drumming along with Williams and Konopka's funkified angular guitars are still present amid the glitchy blips and bleep effects, but there's in upbeat energy here that can't help but make you think Tyondai Braxton would have sucked all the good vibes out of the room with his orchestral pretensions if he were still part of the band. And who needs Tyondai anyway when you've got electronic composer, Matias Aguayo, filling the void with his own take on indiscernible manipulated vocals (because if you can tell me what words Braxton was Looney Tunes-ing throughout "Atlas," then you have truly gifted eardrums.) Critics usually make such a big fuss whenever a successful band's lead singer ups and leaves, but right here on "Ice Cream," Battles may have just proved that it's the band behind the microphone in control of their success.

Battles (feat. Matias Aguayo) - "Ice Cream"

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