March 31, 2011

Song Review: Cloud Nothing's "For No Reason"

AwkwardSound has already acknowledged praise to one of the many great singles off Cloud Nothing's formal self-titled debut. The power pop styles of wunderkind, Dylan Baldi, transcend decades of excellent influences with catchy choruses and punky guitar hooks, and that trend continues on a new 7" split they're putting out with Toro y Moi. "For No Reason" however does one thing many lo-fi musicians normally don't do at this point in their career: Revert back to gritty production after they've made the conscious step to move away from it. Don't let that dissuade you, though, as "For No Reason" brings listeners unfamiliar with Baldi's early work back into his bedroom where the project all began. While it makes it tougher translating the words Baldi nasally coos into the mic, the song's bouncy tempo keeps you at attention through a spin of clean-cutting dueling guitars. The fact that the band actually lays off the pedals for simpler strumming is one of "For No Reason's" most refreshing details despite the downplayed production. When Baldi shreds his guitar in "For No Reason"'s final moments, you come to realize this band has something really unique going for them. Whether their music sounds like a muffled outtake made in the garage or glazed and glossed in the studio, Cloud Nothings are always in the right element to make sunny power pop bliss.

Cloud Nothings - "For No Reason"

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