March 25, 2011

Song Review: Fucked Up's "The Other Shoe"

Fucked Up have been unabashedly breaking the rules of hardcore with every new album they make, so it comes as no surprise they're doing so once again on the first track off their upcoming "rock opera" and third LP, David Comes to Life. It only seems to be getting more easier for the Toronto quintet, too, as "The Other Shoe" flaunts their complete disregard for hardcore stereotypes as they continue seeking out a sound unheard of within the genre. Backed by a simple four chord riff and a heavenly female chorus of "We're dyin' on the inside / Dyin' on the inside..." (Is that the Vivian Girls we're hearing?,) Damian Abraham's caustic vocals cut through the punchy melody in both vigor and ease as he warms up your ears for something big. When the drums kicks in at 1:40, it's then you feel the blood rush as swelling reverb envelops the track in all corners, creating 2011's undeniable fist-pumping punk anthem. It's simple, yet brash enough to have hardcore purists scratching their heads due to a well-rounded balance in Abraham's intensity and the music's melodic immediacy. In the context of an album based around a drugged-up light bulb factory worker who falls for a political activist in the UK circa the early '80s, this can only get entirely more awesome as the story of David Comes to Life unravels.

Fucked Up - "The Other Shoe"

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