March 7, 2011

Song Review: The Raveonettes' "Recharge & Revolt"

Early 2000s hype band alumni, The Raveonettes, have had a rather inconsistent output over the course of their career. Yet, it wasn't until the Danish shoegaze duo stopped doing business on a major label and teamed up with the indies that they truly started finding a sound that worked for them (and in turn started making better music.) "Recharge & Revolt" originally made its debut as a demo back in February, but has since been cleaned up and mastered as the latest cut off their forthcoming fifth LP, Raven In the Grave. Sune Rose Wagner's Everly Brothers-esque vocals take over the leads on this one, leaving Sharin Foo's breathy voice nowhere to be found -- An interesting move on The Raveonettes part, considering they've often built their songs off each others' harmonies. Collectively playing music, they still manage to put together a dark, beautifully blissed out 1950s-meets-Slowdive ballad. The drum machine is "Recharge & Revolt"'s heartbeat while the starry keyboards and scaling guitar blazing their way in, out and around the fizz from start to finish finally gets The Raveonettes out of the Jesus and Mary Chain rip-off rut they've been leaning so heavily on with their last two albums. The Raveonettes may not be the most dependable band out there, but you can always count on them for a solid shoegaze pop single. "Recharge & Revolt" in particular sticks out as one of the better examples as to why you can still expect a lot more surprises coming your way from The Raveonettes, adding some justification to their early millennial buzz.

The Raveonettes - "Recharge & Revolt" (Demo)

"Recharge & Revolt"
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