March 29, 2011


A mixture of mystery, anonymity and gorilla marketing seems to be the right combination in launching a successful musical career in 2011. Much like newer AwkwardSound favorites, OFWGKTA, DOM, The Weeknd and Maria Minerva, World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation aka WU LYF have been stirring up considerable hype in their native England using viral self-promotion via their media-friendly website, an ominous YouTube account and unconventionally getting their music out to the world on their own terms. It's said the group consists of four friends (but that number has been often known to multiply during live shows) out of dreary Manchester who have thus far rejected all record deal offers and self-produced their debut album in an abandoned church. The latter is elaborated in WU LYF's dark, atmospheric liturgical sound as their lead singer's raspy voice echoes off the canvas. Taking this and the band's secretive back story into account, WU LYF reads more like something of a cult rather than a music collective (alluringly strange and exclusive but not hippie or contrived like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes or The Polyphonic Spree.) You get the feeling these Brits are looking at the big picture and an ultimate goal before they make their master plan known to the world. Perhaps we'll all find that out soon as they're scheduled to make their first appearance on US soil with a couple of NYC dates in April and will be releasing their debut album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, this June.

WU LYF - "Heavy Pop"

WU LYF - "Concrete Gold"

"L Y F"

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