April 9, 2011


Erika M. Anderson is no stranger to the music scene. Before she began making ears take notice recording under her EMA alias, Anderson was guitarist and lead singer of the promising but now-defunct indie-drone duo, Gowns. While it stings a bit not knowing what could have become of Gowns (as they only had only released one album before calling it quits,) EMA's arrival as a fully-formed solo musician brings an exciting shift to noise rock in 2011. Anderson's vocals move her brand of undefinable experimentation into a direction similar to Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, PJ Harvey or Cat Power's Chan Marshall, as all managed to do with their atypical enunciations. Her breathy voice bleeds through layers of droning distortion and becomes part of the song's soundscape, or it can just as well sorrowfully tip-toe around on its own with little to no musical backing at all. EMA also has a unique character and interpretation that adds to the personal element of her music. Her acclaimed new single, "California," is the South Dakota-to-golden state tranplant's heart-on-sleeve anti-CA homage, and she just recently (and brilliantly) covered Danzig. EMA makes her official debut this May with Past Life Martyred Saints, and AwkwardSound has a feeling this will be one of music's most unique introductions in quite some time.

EMA - "California"

EMA - "The Grey Ship"

EMA - "Soul On Fire" (Danzig Cover)

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