April 22, 2011

Hear New Sound: Stephin Merrit (of Magnetic Fields') "Dream Again" (Franz Ferdinand Cover)

Last week, AwkwardSound brought you LCD Soundsystem's take on the Franz Ferdinand track, "Live Alone," off the dashing Glasgow crew's exclusive Record Store Day covers EP, aptly titled Covers. As it turns out, the EP is set to be given a general public release on May 2nd, and the good people of Domino Records have made the entire thing available to stream on SoundCloud. While the EP as a whole is a little lop-sided in quality, there's at least a contribution from somewhat-reclusive indie pop music maker, Stephin Merritt. His version of "Dream Again" off Franz's 2009 album, Tonight, takes the word "dream" quite literally as the Magnetic Fields mastermind mopishly trots through a slow-moving daze of subtly-put synths, making the contribution satisfyingly more like Merritt than Franz Ferdinand. Nap time awaits you...

Stephin Merritt (of Magnetic Fields) - "Dream Again"

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