April 23, 2011


Last year saw the "witch house" aka "haunted house" aka "drag" style trend take off throughout the underground music scene with its ambient bastardization of noise rock, dubstep, hip-hop and shoegaze spliced and pieced together. Among the early pioneers of the genre to be lauded as originators were SALEM, who you may recall made an impressionable debut on AwkwardSound's 25 Best Albums and Best Breakthrough Artists of 2010 lists. In 2011, they'll be joined in good company by another scene innovator, oOoOO (pronounced "oh.") The one-man project of Chris Dexter Greenspan out of San Francisco, oOoOO helped bring attention to the new sub-genre by putting out a few limited CD-Rs and 7" singles last year and is readying the physically release of his first and self-titled EP this May on TriAngle Records (home to fellow drag and lo-fi R&B maker, How to Dress Well.) Unlike SALEM, oOoOOo meanders more within the confines of celestial ambiance and glassy synths than a drug-induced haze of guitar distortion and grimy beats. It's perhaps the glossiest, danciest form of witch house we've heard thus far, with a slow-moving melodic accessibility that will surely see some of mainstream hip-hop's experimental tastemakers (such as the mysterious The Weeknd or the star whose championed them, Drake) keeping an ear out to see where oOoOO is heading.

oOoOO - "Hearts"

oOoOO - "Burnout Eyess"

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