April 17, 2011

Song Review: Cults' "Abducted"

There's something that makes AwkwardSound very suspicious of Cults, the much-hyped NYC-via-San Diego electronic indie pop couple set to release their debut in May on Columbia Records. Perhaps it's because members, Brian Oblivion (if that even is his real last name...) and Madeline Follin, originally began their careers working in the film industry. Or perhaps it's because they had an easier time getting signed to a label than most new bands (Follins' stepfather was a member of White Zombie while her brother plays in garage-rock band, The Willowz.) Then again, maybe it's just that they're so transparently image-based with their super trendy long hair and perfected hipster costumes, it's hard to not look at Cults as anything but a band taking advantage of current pop culture trend. While we're still waiting for that answer, it's hard to deny them at least some credibility after hearing their latest single, "Abducted." Coming in just under three minutes, there's no denying the song's catchy chorus (beaten into the ground, albeit) which likens love and heartache to a kidnapping. It's a witty play on the subject that will easily earn points with lyrical enthusiasts, and the switching-off of verses between Oblivion and Follin adds a "cute" shtick to their sound that speaks to an ideal demographic of college-age fans. As for the music itself, "Abducted" isn't reinventing the genre, but it has a likeable balance of '60s-style pop, dazzling synths and a lambasting bass line that spills this number onto the dance floor. After a few spins, it's tough not to get this "Abducted" stuck in your head -- And that's the thing that scares me the most about Cults. That being said, may I ask Cults what their intentions are with my eardrums?

Cults - "Abducted"

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  1. Cults are AWESOME! I can't wait for their debut album in June!