April 26, 2011

Song Review: JEFF the Brotherhood's "Diamond Way"

Spunky, immature teenage punks, Be Your Own Pet, brought a promising sound to the table before it disbanded in 2008, but what some forget is how the band actually lost two of its most talented members way before then. Brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall, were once part of the Nashville quartet in its beginning stages and opted to return full-time to their suitably titled indie punk duo, JEFF the Brotherhood (which they formed in high school.) After re-dedicating themselves to the project and partaking in a touring marathon throughout 2010, they're now readying the release of their breakthrough album, We Are the Champions. The album may be smeared in crunchy classic rock-meets-'90s alternative that Rivers Cuomo wishes he could have written ever since things went south for Weezer on Make Believe, but the track "Diamond Way" is the album's diamond in the rough -- quite literally. Its soft, puddly reverb and dizzying, mid-paced drumbeat demonstrates a mature step forward for the brothers Orrall since parting ways with Jemina Pearl and company, yet the fiery distortion that burns its way through at the 1:10 mark shows they're still ready to shred. Whether it's Jake or Jamin doing vocal duties on "Diamond Way," that's unclear, but the simple boy-looking-for-the-girl-of-his-dreams lyrics backed by "Oh, oh, oh..."s are a nice way of tying together the simplicity of Ramones-era punk rock to '90s alternative's penchant for fuzzy noise, making JEFF the Brotherhood two kids who have an awesome way of showing respect for their elders.

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Diamond Way"

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