April 16, 2011

Song Review: Santigold's "Go" (feat. Karen O)

With M.I.A. seemingly falling out of favor with critics and fans alike, it's perfect timing for Santi "Santigold" White to swoop into position and take her place as pop's premiere hip-hop-leaning musician of choice. The Brooklyn artist's debut album bared a few resemblances to the outspoken, controversial Arulpragasam's work by focusing in on fastly-spun pseudo-rap lyrics of worldly topics twisted around unique electronic beats, but where M.I.A. fell out of favor with pop on 2010's /\/\/\Y/\, Santigold seems to be making the most of it on her new single, "Go." The song off her as-yet-to-be-titled sophomore album also plays like an all-out effort from an eclectic mix of NYC and UK talent, and it's that footnote that gives "Go" its power. A Tribe Called Quest member, Q-Tip, and DJ Switch help out Santigold with production to give her sound a doomsday makeover in a seedy backing synth rhythm and beat. Amid Santi's fast sing-talking call-to-arms, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O cuts in for a special guest appearance by throwing down a sedated verse that offsets White's hypnotic run out of the gate. She's not the only YYY member here, either, as guitarist Nick Zinner contributes a small but futile futuristic guitar riff to give the track a rockier edge. As a first impression, "Go" hits all the right points in exacting a distinct recipe of weird pop that may prelude a few more surprises once the full album arrives. With Robyn already having done her fair share for the genre last year and M.I.A. needing a time out, Santigold seems ready to step up to the plate. After all, it could be a lot worse.

Santigold (feat. Karen O) - "Go"

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