April 2, 2011

Song Review: Woods' "Pushing Onlys"

Time flies but it's still hard to believe that folky campfire crew, Woods, will be releasing their sixth album to date come June. And so is the life of a lo-fi band where production value comes in second to giving listeners immediate access to hearing fresh material. "Pushing Onlys" is the first song from Sun & Shade, and it once again marks another slight, yet prolific evolution of pop-centric guitar rock Woods began growing into on 2009's Songs of Shame and dedicated to on last year's At Echo Lake. The idea of watching time pass and not moving forward is something lead singer, Jeremy Earl, sounds ready to contend with, too. In his preachy falsetto, his voices bleeds earnestly, "Pushing onlys to waste the years away / In these same tattered clothes that I pushed through yesterday." The lyrics suggest some sort of personal reflection, but if you want to go there, you could easily argue that Woods are still standing in the same spot they have been stylistically since they formed. "Pushing Onlys" is proof of that, but the undeniable simplicity in the song's hook and the heart in Earl's words further solidify a timelessly endearing nature to Woods' organic lo-fi sound.

Woods - "Pushing Onlys"

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