May 4, 2011

Hear New Sound: Fucked Up's "Queen of Hearts"

The final piece of the ongoing puzzle leading up to Fucked Up's new LP has officially fallen into place. "Queen of Hearts" is the fourth and last single to be released before David Comes to Life hits shelves on June 7th via Matador Records. The new single is somewhat circular to where we began well over a month ago with the onslaught of new tracks when "The Other Shoe" hit the web, in that it's aesthetic is much more melodic than the two singles in between, "A Little Death" and "Ship of Fools." A big reason for that is an appearance from Madeline Follin, one-half of rising hyped-up indie pop outfit, Cults, who's cooey, delicate voice antithesizes Damian Abraham's gruff growl. Off with your head...

Fucked Up - "Queen of Hearts"

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