May 20, 2011

Hear New Sound: Handsome Furs' "Repatriated" vs. Moonface's "Fast Peter"

Mere coincidence, an uncomfortable rivalry within the ranks or just smart complimentary promotion from camp Wolf Parade? That's the question AwkwardSound is asking today after both of the band's respective leaders announced new details on forthcoming non-lupine efforts. Dan Boeckner -- who, alongside his sex bomb wife, Alexei Perry, make up the duo, Handsome Furs -- are eying a June 28th release on Sub Pop for their third LP, Sound Kapital, while the warble-voiced Spencer Krug and his alter ego, Moonface, will be releasing its debut LP, Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped, on August 2nd via Jagjaguwar Records. Handsome Furs continue covering a surging synth rock landscape while Moonface finds Krug launching a new voyage into dreamy experimental pop, making it pretty obvious why these guys need to take a hiatus from each other every now and then. Grounds for divorce?

Handsome Furs - "Repatriated"

Moonface - "Fast Peter"

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  1. Ferocious live version of Repatriated on this Handsome Furs Thai tour film: