May 24, 2011

Hear New Sound: The Horrors' "Still Life"

The Horrors are part of a small group of UK bands to receive a great deal of pre-fabricated mainstream buzz early on and actually end up living up to it. It was to little credit of their former major label home or being plastered inside NME, however, as the goth rockers made a drastic turn from run-of-the-mill garage punk to shoegaze on their 2009 sophomore effort, Primary Colours. The next step in The Horrors evolution arrives on July 26th when the black-clad Brits release Skying on XL Records. "Still Life" is the electronic-heavy first single off the band's third LP and it shows no signs of them backing away from exploring new territory. Are The Horrors on the verge of pulling a Radiohead on us? Let the "Still Life" move you...

The Horrors - "Still Life"

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