May 26, 2011

Hear New Sound: Woods' "Any Other Day"

On June 14th (and a mere week before the official start to the summer,) New York lo-fi folksters, Woods, will usher in the warmest of seasons with the release of their new album, Sun and Shade. To date, we've had a chance to hear the LP's prolifically-put jangly opener, "Pushing Onlys," and now Jeremy Earl and company have brought us another sunny stripped down jam with "Any Other Day." Unlike the mellow-mooded "Pushing Onlys," this cut is a bit more upbeat, tinged in electric guitar feedback and noisy drum outbursts. And attention cassette culture aficionados! Sun and Shade is now available to purchase on the limited and much sought-out format via the bands' homegrown label, Woodsist. Today is your day...

Woods - "Any Other Day"

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