May 27, 2011

LIVESound: Weezer Cover Radiohead's "Paranoid Android"

Weezer and Radiohead are two of the biggest mainstream alternative rock bands to have made it out of the '90s for better or for worse. Despite their paths diverging quite differently over the past decade, Rivers Cuomo and the boys paid their respects to Thom Yorke and company by covering Radiohead's career turning point classic off OK Computer, "Paranoid Android." No explanation was given from camp Weezer as to why they chose to cover the track, but let's speculate. Perhaps Rivers is just discovering the album for the first time? Or maybe he wishes the band picked up creative momentum after their third album instead of doing the complete opposite. Whatever the case, here's hoping Weezer makes a habit out of playing Radiohead's back catalog instead of subjecting us to their newer material...

Weezer covers Radiohead's "Paranoid Android"

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