May 20, 2011

Song Review: Drake's "Dreams Money Can Buy"

2010 was the year that Drake graduated from "Degrassi's finest" to one of hip-hop's biggest and brightest young talents. Even though his debut, Thank Me Later, did leave a bit to be desired, that hasn't stopped AwkwardSound from keeping its eye on Drizzy's progress. It's said the Canadian superstar is working on Thank Me Later's follow-up, the sequentially-titled Take Care, alongside indie-leaning R&B musicmakers, Jamie X (of The xx) and The Weeknd. Between last year and now, though, a lot has changed in the life of the man they call Drizzy, and that's heard both in the words and in the musical direction of the new non-album song, "Dreams Money Can Buy." Detailed on his blog as "Just a piece of my story...," the track has Drake rhyming over a sample of Jai Paul's latest cheeky curse-word slow burner, "BTSTU," telling us about all the ladies he's bedding, the people coming up to him trying to be his friend and everything he has now that he didn't have a year ago due to his fame. Where as Thank Me Later acknowledged the young hip-hopper's hesitance and reluctance to accept all of these things in his rising career, it sounds like Drake confidently has a handle on them these days. It's a refreshing to hear Drizzy laying down these words the way he does, too, as Thank Me Later tended to focus in on his singing skills more so than the sharp rapping prowess he executed on 2009's So Far Gone mixtape. Jai Paul and "BTSTU" should get most of the credit for carrying the beat the way it does, but the minimalist, indie lo-fi approach to using this sample speaks to Drake's forward-thinking, out-of-the-box nature that has made him fans with a discriminating hipster demographic. Far past the hype stage and now settling into a comfortable position with himself and his talents, "Dreams Money Can Buy" reminds us that Drake is still going places.

Drake - "Dreams Money Can Buy"

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