May 7, 2011

Song Review: Washed Out's "Eyes Be Closed"

Whether it be the inner dwellings of his Georgia bedroom, the streets of Portlandia or visions of sandy beaches floating in your head as temperatures rise, Washed Out's Ernest Greene has managed to create something intimately warm, ethereal and universal with his brand of chillwave. Now on his project's forthcoming debut, Within or Without, Greene seems destined to release this year's soundtrack of the summer as evidenced by the laid back, atmospherically-pleasing new track, "Eyes Be Closed." Despite now being on indie giant, Sub Pop, a production upgrade didn't seem to be needed to bring out the best in Washed Out's humid, sexy sound. Lately, there's been an unironic love going around for '90s new age hitmaker, Enya, and it wouldn't be so far-fetched to think Greene's name is on the growing list of hipper admirers of the Irish instrumentalist. With the smooth sailing drifts of lucid electronics layered atop each other, Washed Out is doing something more than creating a lush soundscape to please your ears. Just like Pure Moods cashed in on an entire generation of couch potatoes by asking them "to imagine a world where time drifts slowly, a world where music carries you away...," "Eyes Be Closed" is doing the same for a hipper new age that's unabashedly sincere and much more stylish.

Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed"

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