May 14, 2011

Song Review: Yuck's "Shook Down" / "Milkshake"

By now, you should be well aware that London-based breakout band, Yuck, has a strong grip on reinventing '90s indie rock to a tee with the release of their AwkwardSound-approved debut album. While their first singles have displayed the quartet's noisier, distortion pedal-laced tendencies, their latest double a-side featuring "Shook Down" and the newly cut "Milkshake" showcase the mellower side of the grunge-era revivalists and yet pinpoint different points in the band's ongoing evolution. As part of Yuck's self-titled debut, "Shook Down" fits the bill of Galaxy 500 and Teenage Fanclub-inspired slow-tempo tracks which break out into crunchier, heavier guitar riffs (See: the 2:45 mark.) "Milkshake" on the other hand lays it on thick with reserved power pop from start to finish, marking a departure away from the usual inspirations in exchange for hints of commercially-friendly alt-rock on par with The Lemonheads and Sugar. Unlike "Shook Down," this love-laden single lyrically diverges away from lust and toward longing when lead singer Daniel Blumberg's associates a confusing heartache to a milkshake made of his life. It sounds like a messy situation, but as overlapping harmonies elevate the track into emotional bliss, it becomes Yuck's biggest sounding effort to date. Together, the double a-side of "Shook Down" and "Milkshake" act like bookends to Yuck's past catalog and promising future by showing listeners where they came from and where they're heading -- all in just under a year.

Yuck - "Shook Down"

Yuck - "Milkshake"

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