June 9, 2011

Hear New Sound: Against Me's "Russian Spies"

It's a brand new era for punk rock darlings, Against Me!, and they've got the music to prove it. Just last week, the Gainesville, FL quartet announced they had found a new home since parting ways with Sire Records on their very own label, Total Treble Music. Now, we get to hear what direction Tom Gabel and the guys are steering the ship since ditching the majors on a brand new single, "Russian Spies." Less glossy and sheen than anything on White Crosses but with a cunning melody revolving around the end of the Red Scare in America, Against Me! are slowly on the come down from the arena rock pretensions Sire was likely pushing onto them. The track is also the debut recording for AM!'s new drummer, Jay Weinberg (son of legendary E Street Band member, Max Weinberg.) Start seeing red...

Against Me! - "Russian Spies"

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  1. This is a really weak track, huge disappointment.